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Commercial Essentials

This is a 4-session course that will teach you everything about the commercial world. You will learn how to audition and be successful as a commercial actor. In this class you will receive the tools of the trade. You will be taught, how to enter the room with casting directors, the interview process, how to do individual auditions, and how to do group auditions.

You will get a total of 13 digital videos with this class as part of your tools of the trade. The cost for this class is only $225.

nstructor, Blake Clark, is associated with The Wallis Agency in Burbank CA. He has taught this course in Burbank for over 7 years. Former students have gone on to book their first national SAG commercial from taking this class.

The class meets Saturdays from 12 noon - 4 PM: January 20 - February 10

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Explore the world of acting. Learn the techniques of speech, character development and performance. This one hour class meets once a week and utilizes theater games, improvisation, monologues and scene study to develop the student into a skilled performing artist. Students will gain self-esteem and confidence and the ability to speak in front of an audience. These trades and skills are essential for a young person to find their place society. The school year concludes with a final performance in our Black Box Theatre to showcase what was learned.

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$45 Registration fee applies for all our classes.
60 minute weekly Acting class - monthly tuition $78

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